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Fraunhofer-Institute partners with »The Supply Chain Cloud«

Pressemitteilung /

»The Supply Chain Cloud« is the body set up by the »European Supply Chain Institute« to educate on and promote the applications of Cloud Computing to the Supply Chain welcomes the Fraunhofer-Institute as a partner to the project.

The Fraunhofer-Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML is said to be first to address in the holistic logistics research and is working on all fields of internal and external logistics. According to the idea of Fraunhofer, problem solutions for the immediate benefit for companies are worked out on the one hand. On the other hand, preliminary research of two to five years, in individual cases beyond that, is executed.

The mission of »The Supply Chain Cloud« is to demystify the Cloud and address its applications when it comes to Supply Chain Management. Cloud Computing promises to deliver more visibility throughout the supply chain and enable collaboration between all trading partners in the network. However much of the cloud computing information available today is very generic and does not recognise the fact that different industries will approach and engage with the cloud in different ways. This is especially true of the supply chain where data governance and compliance issues are particularly important as organisations operate in diverse locations globally.

»The Supply Chain Cloud« will address the information requirements of the supply chain in regards to cloud computing and how the cloud can be deployed to enhance supply chain visibility.

»Without a doubt the emergence of cloud computing as a delivery model for IT Applications and Services is very exciting and promises to transform the supply chain and how all trading partners collaborate globally. The quest for supply chain visibility means that the supply chain is an ideal industry for the cloud due to the sheer number of partners and suppliers involved in a multinational supply chain who must collaborate to manufacture and distribute products« states John Connors, CEO of »The Supply Chain Cloud«.

We are delighted to announce the Fraunhofer-Institute as a partner to the project and highlight their cloud based logistics research that addresses the needs of the supply chain.

»We are pleased to be able to join ›The Supply Chain Cloud‹ with our cloud platform with a special focus on the logistics domain as a partner. Increasing the supply chain visibility through the use of cloud computing would be also a great benefit for the logistics domain. We look forward to discuss and combine our work results on an European level« Oliver Wolf, Project Leader »Cloud Computing for Logistics« and head of the department for Software Engineering at the Fraunhofer-Institute for Material Flow and Logistics.

About Fraunhofer-Institute

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About »The Supply Chain Cloud«

»The Supply Chain Cloud« is the body set up by the European Supply Chain Institute to educate on and promote the applications of the Cloud to the Supply Chain. The organisation works with industry bodies, end users and cloud computing vendors in order to develop vertical industry specific Cloud Computing Supply Chain information.