Welcome to the Future

The clouds are gathering – and the weather is getting better: cloud computing makes everything easier, better, and faster– and thanks to Logistics Mall this is now true for logistics as well. The innovation cluster “Cloud Computing for Logistics” entered its final phase in 2012 and, together with well-known companies, has proven the practical suitability of the platform.


If you also want to take the path to the cloud and help us write logistics history that is “made in Germany”, then you can join your fellow early birds and become a member of the “Cloud Computing for Logistics User Group.”


This group will provide you with scientific information, qualified advice, and practical support before and after your company takes the step into the cloud. The user group can help you overcome your concerns and discover the benefits of the cloud. It will provide you with all of the information you need to discuss the topic in depth and define your own point of view.  


Be an early bird – and catch the network cable …


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A development of the Fraunhofer Innovation Cluster "Cloud Computing for Logistics".