Market Analysis

Results of the Analysis

The results are clear: Cloud Computing will inexorably revolutionize the logistics industry. Even now 64 percent of company decision makers could imagine renting logistics software over the internet and operating it on external servers in the Cloud. The market analysis "Cloud Computing for Logistics" from Fraunhofer IML attained this unambigious result after surveying 103 vendors of logistics IT services and 70 potential users from the areas of logistics service providers, trade, and industry and carefully balancing and analyzing the results.

The study analyzed the conditions under which companies were willing to use a Cloud Computing approach for mission-critical logistics solutions such as Warehouse Management Systems (WMS). The goal was to show the degree of acceptance of the "Logistics Mall", which was developed together by the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML and the Fraunhofer Institute for Software and Systems Engineering ISST as part of the Fraunhofer Innovation Cluster "Cloud Computing for Logistics". 

As an electronic market place, the Logistics Mall acts a platform for offering, renting, and operating logistics IT applications, services, and processes in the Cloud.


What do users and vendors of logistics software think about a cloud-based solution?

The full market analysis »Cloud Computing for Logistics« from Fraunhofer IML is available at the Fraunhofer Bookshop.