Partners of »Logistics Mall«

Collaboration between Scientific Research and the Economy

The Fraunhofer Institutes IML and ISST worked together with the companies Logata and Accenture to develop the Logistics Mall.

As representatives of the economy, both partners used their practical experience to provide the research institutes with practical and application–oriented support in the development process.

Logata GmbH

A medium-sized business group active in the logistics IT market

Several diverse affiliate companies operate under the umbrella of Logata GmbH, which provides a large pool of specialists and contact persons for all types of IT activities. The combination of diverse products makes it possible for Logata to use the latest virtualization and cloud computing platforms to provide support to their customers on their way to an application and data-centred world. This makes Logata one step closer to their goal of simplifying the IT of its customers and structuring it more effectively.

Various communication models are already being used for the communication between the internet and applications. In a few years, the different cloud platforms will communicate with each other and Logata will be a part of this with their customers and participate in this change.